Humungus’ chief warrior, Wez (VERNON WELLS), has the ferocity of a mad dog, and the haircut of a plasmatic.

- Starlog Magazine

Among the marauders, the most vivid are the warlords of the wasteland…the Humungus…and his chief knight, Wez (VERNON WELLS), a war-painted hunk of beefcake who becomes a human missile…

- Charles Michener, Newsweek

(Max’s) counterpart in the marauders is Wez (VERNON WELLS), a feral kid gone wrong. War-painted and apache-coiffed, Wez has a mind that performs acrobatics of sadism and a scream that sounds like stripped gears.

- Richard Corliss, Time


The heavies in Commando could put Lex Luthor to shame. VERNON WELLS, without the flaming red Mohawk he sported in The Road Warrior, is out of his skull again as Bennett…VERNON WELLS, so good as the mohawked villain in Road Warrior provides plenty of chills as the bad guy.

- Tom Crow, Movie Review, Star News


The production is taut and suitably atmospheric, and the air of mystery and menace well sustained by David Nettheim and VERNON WELLS, the two intruders, and… their luckless victim.

- Leonard Radic, The Age, Melbourne

(Director) Copland has a fine case with which to work, including VERNON WELLS as McCann—and none lets him down.

- Rob Crimeen, Showbiz, The Sun, Melbourne

Pinter is so deep, we can’t always grasp it…That’s part of the challenge that has attracted the top ranking actors in our cast for The Birthday Party…including VERNON WELLS.

- Party director Murray Copland, interviewed in Melbourne


Hosanna is gamey stuff, not for the timid. Robert Essex and VERNON WELLS are little short of brilliant as Hosanna and Ballsy, the two misfits who work so hard to carve their own niche.

- John Hindle, Theatre, The Sunday Observer, Melbourne

(The Director) has given the subject great understanding and sympathy. In this he is matched by the two players, Robert Essex and VERNON WELLS as Ballsy, who act it out with energy, restraint, and above all, deep feeling. Hosanna is highly recommended.

- John Larksin, The Herald, Melbourne


On the surface this sounds like just another mediocre Rocky ripoff, but in fact it’s an extremely engaging character study in which the talented WELLS…positively shines as the human punchbag who finally learns some measure of self-respect.

- Video Today

Circleman is a brutal but nonetheless compelling low-budget action film set in the world of no holds barred, bare knuckle fighting. VERNON WELLS, from Commando and Inner Space,” is very convincing as the fighter who wants out, but realizes there is nothing else for him.

- Andy Dougan, Video Review

Despite its raw aggression and brutally real fight sequences, Circleman also features a tender love story between Roo and Charlie…

- Wrekin People


VERNON WELLS is quite funny as the smug, beefy cad Samms thinks she loves.

- Kevin Thomas, Movie Review, Los Angeles Times


Except for the gleeful perversity WELLS brings to his role, there is not a lot here to hold one’s interest.

- Bob Strauss, Daily News Film Critic, Daily News

…WELLS, who uses a welcome touch of Jack Palace malice to put a spin on his James Bond-style one-liners.

- John Hartl, Times

…WELLS tackles his role with Charles Mansion-like zeal, giving it a perfectly satirical spin.

- Jeff Shannon, Seattle Post, Intelligencer